Under the direction of Dr. Khyal Thakur, Tuberosum has been developing hybrid TPS varieties suitable for commercial potato production. The difference between conventional potato breeding practices and TPS is enormous.    

Traditionally seed potato comes in the form of potato tuber. TPS breeding practices get the seed from the botanical seed found on the potato plant. The implications of producing potato seeds from this method are enormous. It will greatly impact the cost of seed and seed transportation, amount of storage needed, and the rate of multiplication.   

  • Multiplication factor surpasses 1:5000
  • 100g TPS replaces 3 tons seed tubers
  •   Almost zero risk of infection
  • Less phytosanitary constraints
  • Single seed weighs less than a milligram
  • Stored for years
  • Disease-free seed with natural resistances
  • More flexible planting

       = Reduced Cost  & Better Quality